Dental offices of the 21st century need owners who are well versed in the art of running a business.

Now more than ever, practice owners are feeling the pressure of balancing dual roles – dentist and business owner – with the latter receiving greater attention after the closures and associated financial struggles experienced in 2020.

The mastery of running a business is not one of the first things taught in medical and dental school, leaving most to learn on their own. This includes implementation of modern tools and sophisticated technology that allow doctors and dentists to operate efficiently and maximize practice profitability while ultimately increasing case acceptance.

Dr. Bruce Baird, founder of CFI, and SurfCT Founder & CEO Paul Vigario are on a mission to support dental practice owners interested in making strategic investments to automate and drive practice growth.

This includes adopting powerful technology that can be fully integrated into your practice by – such as CFI’s Abella™ and Compassionate Finance™ solutions – to create the ultimate patient experience and manage back-office operations, as well as the ability to offer payment terms to a customer base that already expects them in other areas of daily living.
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About CFI & Dr. Bruce Baird
A well-respected dentist and prominent industry voice, Dr. Bruce Baird is the founder and chairman of the board for CFI, a leading fintech company offering flexible financial solutions that allow healthcare providers to increase their revenue management and profitability. CFI currently serves thousands of dental and medical practices throughout the U.S. and Canada, offering proprietary platforms – Compassionate Finance™ and Abella™ – that allow for in-house financing options and automated accounts receivable. CFI’s human approach to revenue management has established the company among the fastest-growing fintech providers in the healthcare industry. For more information, visit

About SurfCT & Paul Vigario
Paul Vigario is the Founder and CEO of, SurfCT is a full range healthcare-focused IT company that connects your vision, design, technology, and treatment philosophies to elevate your brand and life. specializes in network integration and digital workflow of dental and medical offices at the highest level. The company, which has several offices throughout the US, provides unbiased IT consulting to thousands of dental and medical offices across the globe and works with its partners to provide seamless integration of systems designed around their individual goals and vision. is at the forefront of dental and medical technology and understands the fully connected version of what healthcare offices in the future and present should look like. They are experts in system design, practice automation, 3D printing, digital workflow, imaging, cloud technology, software, ergonomics, integration, system process, front office systems, clinical treatment systems, mobile connectivity, hardware, and offer ongoing world-class technical support. SurfCT been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, and been recognized by Top Professional and Top Doctors as the leading provider of healthcare IT services and IT systems. To learn more, visit or on Instagram at @SurfCTcom.